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To those who have been branded and bashed from society.
Those who've found comfort and refuge within the shadows
To the ones who put up with the harsh slanders from supposed peers.
For those who wait for the sun to disappear.

To those whose hearts and minds work together as one.
Those who fear the thought of being afraid.
To those whose vast minds are kept concealed.
For those who lose every battle but are victors in the war.

To those you must get to know before you permanently label.
Those who don't know the value of their own worth.
To those who are never sure of who or what they really are.
For those who only have themselves to love;

Like stars that are only appreciated in the night sky.
Not realizing that the sun itself is the biggest star.
They are one with the night,
Soaking up the beautiful darkness.
Remind us all that before the day, darkness was the only light.
Darkness was, and still is, all around us.
So embrace it.
Are you also one with the night when the moon rises..?
Pretty-Cannibal-Girl Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012   General Artist
This is really wonderful x
RizmyRizmy Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You think so?
Thanks :D
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February 26, 2012
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